Empower & Thrive Initiative

Empower & Thrive Initiative (ETI)



We are proud to launch the Empower & Thrive Initiative (ETI), an inaugural program designed to promote equity and inclusion specifically for First-Generation BBA students. The first cohort consists of first-generation students starting their journey at Ross in the Fall of 2024.

Our Commitment

The ETI is committed to cultivating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where First-Generation students can readily find and utilize the essential resources and opportunities for their academic pursuits, career advancement, and personal development.

Our Mission

Our core mission revolves around delivering mentorship, support, and transformative experiences designed to build resilience, enhance leadership capabilities, and encourage the personal development of each student.

Our Goal

Our goal is to equip students with the skills and networks necessary to succeed in their educational and career journeys, preparing them to emerge as inspiring leaders for positive change in the world.

The Program

We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of collaboration, innovative thinking, and a steadfast commitment to address and reduce inequities, thus empowering each student in the ETI program to realize their utmost potential.