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Ross ERGs

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are internal formal Ross communities for both staff and faculty.  The purpose of an ERG is to create an intentional community of support for individuals with certain historical/contemporary minoritized identities.  These groups are open to all that wish to participate, however the focus of the group is to center the voices and experiences of those that the group intends to center.  Moreover, the ERGs are essential to individuals with common experiences to take space and foster a community of support and provide active opportunities to shape the culture of our Ross community to be more inclusive, equitable, and just.  ERG’s are built to be inclusive rather than exclusive. While they focus on celebrating and sharing identity and community to create belonging for people with shared identities, we aim to avoid creating limits on ERG spaces that reinforce exclusionary practices.

Forming an ERG

Any member of the Ross staff or faculty can propose an ERG as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • Membership is open
  • Focus of the group is to support individuals with historically and/or contemporarily minoritized identities
  • An ERG for the same identity does not already exist
  • A defined purpose and explanation for how the group will contribute to enhancing the diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging for the community it serves. (example:  The purpose of this ERG is to take space and center the experience of LGBTQIA2s+ staff at Ross.  This group will provide an opportunity for members of the community and allies to come together and share experiences, stories, and learn together while also advocating for opportunities for change to better enhance belonging).  
  • Successful completion of an application to form the ERG addressing the aforementioned criteria 

If you are interested in forming an ERG, click here for the application. 

Ross ERGs

We currently have six Employee Resource Groups at Ross: Trans / Non-Binary Ross Employee Resource Group, Latinx Employee Resource Group, Parents/Guardians of Elementary Aged Children ERG, Early Career Professionals at Ross, Asian Staff Support Network (working title), Being Black @ Ross. 

To find out more info or to join, please reach out to the emails provided.

Trans / Non-Binary Ross Employee Resource Group

The Trans/Non-Binary ERG will serve as a network and resource for transgender and non-binary staff and faculty, and fosters awareness of trans / non-binary employees and their contributions. We aim to improve the experiences of trans / non-binary employees, and to strengthen relationships with Michigan Ross student and alumni communities.  

If you are interested in joining this group or would like more information, please contact: Melissa Cox – melissax@umich.edu

Latinx Employee Resource Group

The first and primary purpose of the Latinx ERG group is to build community, uplift each other, and learn from one another. Additionally, this group aims to build support across the multitude of identities that are part of the Latinx community at Ross and come together to discuss our experiences, joys, life, and challenges.  We also hope to bring in allies to support and hear our experience, and improve our way of being here at Ross and at the University.  

If you are interested in joining this group or would like more information, please contact: Michelle Pava – mpava@umich.edu OR Diana Perilla – perillad@umich.edu 

Parents/Guardians of Elementary Aged Children ERG

Raising young children creates many challenges and barriers for parents in the workforce. For example, there are many parents of young children (10 or under) that are often dealing with childcare issues, mental health support, support from their supervisors, and the stress that is added with raising young children. The purpose of this ERG is to develop a formalized group to talk about these challenges with and crowd-source ideas for navigating a career while also navigating parenting. It is our aim to create a support system that  will aid in increasing the members sense of belonging at Ross. 

If you are interested in joining this group or would like more information, please contact: Lauren Clarkson – laurpowe@umich.edu

Early Career Professionals at Ross 

This group is being formed to provide space for early career professionals at Ross to connect while also creating a personal network to foster an inclusive environment of support.  This group is open to all Ross staff, but aims to center the voice and experiences of individuals within th early stages of their careers.  

If you are interested in joining this group or would like more information, please contact: Annaliese Fowler- akfowler@umich.edu

Asian Staff Support Network

This group aims to provide opportunities for Asian staff members to 1) share their rich cultures and experiences among themselves and the Ross staff community, 2) facilitate personal and professional growth, and 3) contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment at Ross.

If you are interested in joining this group or would like more information, please contact: Peter You – pyou@umich.edu​ 


The mission of the Black@Ross Employee Resource Group is to provide a welcoming space dedicated to cultivating an environment that allows black faculty, staff, and those who serve as allies to flourish through connection, resource sharing, and social programming. This group is a supportive community dedicated to uplifting one another, sharing our experiences of being black at the Ross School of Business and U of M, and helping our community to navigate challenges and celebrate success. 

If you are interested in joining this group or would like more information, please contact: Lauren Clarkson-  laurpowe@umich.edu and Kimberly Williams- kimannwi@umich.edu

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