Graduate Students + DEI at Michigan Ross

Graduate students at Michigan Ross help create a more inclusive community and push for important systemic change.


Full-Time MBA VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Online MBA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair


Weekend MBA VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Student Leadership

Michigan Ross DEI student leaders work collaboratively with students, staff and faculty within their respective programs to advance their DEI objectives. Each of our graduate programs has their own processes in place to select students for these important roles. Throughout the years, student leaders have implemented pivotal changes that have helped shape our graduate programs of today.

FTMBA Inclusion Chairs

A great deal of the first-year experience at Ross for Full-Time MBA students is influenced by the section experience. The FTMBA DEI Committee and VP of DEI instated Inclusion Chairs, a structured role to focus on diversity, equity, & inclusion at the section level. The responsibility of this role moves beyond the scope of events and instead serves as an institutional presence on the section boards to align with existing DEI efforts at Ross and wider University.

Inclusion Chairs serve as an inclusion champion within their section and act as an advisor to the board through collaboration, training, and discussions. They also foster inclusion awareness within sections by sharing information on resources, offerings, and events and solicit, resolve, and/or escalate feedback and concerns regarding inclusion.

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